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▶How could EXBIO works as sustainable development?

When waste food is buried in the landfill, producing methane(CH4) and other gases. That’s why landfills smell. Methane is 72 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide(CO2). Methane is the one of important reasons of globe warming so that many governments and organizations are trying to decrease methane.
Otherwise when the waste food decomposes in the EXBIO, it produces CO2 as natural cycle. It is eco-friendly and safe.
After all, EXBIO produces natural CO2 and totally greens the world.

▶Are any chemicals used in the EXBIO?

No. All our process is totally green organic waste by microorganisms and water. Microorganisms are very common and eco-friendly. They live around us and responsible for digesting all types of waste. EXBIO just makes microorganisms more activated and accelerate the decomposition of organic waste. our EXBIO can decompose waste foods within 24 hours.

▶Would the output of EXBIO be harmful?

NO. all our products is designed eco-friendly and all our process is up to eco-friendly microorganisms and water. Microorganisms are very common and around us. Even microorganisms from our products are not harmful to human being until someone eat them.
In addition to this, as a result of microorganisms’ activation, all our products produce only water and CO2. It totally greens waste food. All of these output is eco-friendly and natural circulation.

▶Can EXBIO make fertilizer or animal feed?

Possibly. If you feed the machine with only organic waste, the output of EXBIO can be used to enrich the land. It is more richer way in nutrients than when you had composted the waste food in traditional manner. It makes an ideal fertilizer.
However, if the waste food has grease, chemicals, and spices such as salt and peppers, the output may not be suitable. You should test the output to see if you can use.

How can it work itself?

EXBIO uses a series of processes in which microorganis ms decompose biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The environment of the EXBIO, with our proprietary mixture of microbes and enzymes, accelerates the digestion of biodegradable material within 24 hours. The output is eco-friendly. You can discharge this down the drain or use it to enrich your landscape.
EXBIO is a practical alternative to the traditional disposal of waste food. Anything you can eat, they can go into the EXBIO. The machine can digest both raw and cooked foods. The process is totally green.

▶How does the EXBIO weigh the amount of waste food?

There are load cells mounted on each corner of the EXBIO. These weigh the total weight of the EXBIO. The software calculate itself so that EXBIO could know how much organic waste in itself. And even they could detect the overweight so it could stop and ring an alarm automatically when it comes to overweight moment.

▶Is there any chopping or grinding function?

No. EXBIO use a series of process in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The waste food is not chopped but it decomposes to such a degree that it becomes a liquid and can exit the machine only through a fine mesh screen.
Totally, it decomposes as water, CO2 and heat in cycle of environment. The output from product is, therefore, safe and eco-friendly.

▶Power consumption?

EXBIO consists of some of electronic devices. The power consumption depends on the condition and setting.
For example, in a tropical region, it is easy to match with the ideal temperature, 30 degree(Celsius). As a result, heater is not necessary and it saves power consumption.
And we can control the setting so that we can make EXBIO more faster or slower.
EXBIO are designed to minimize power consumption so that it is worthy to invest.

▶How long is its life span?

EXBIO has semi-permanent life span structure. Since its foundation, many products have been coming out. In 2006, our oldest model, EX-100 was installed in Seoul, Korea. This product has been working for 11 years. When you come to visit our site, we can show you our products.

▶Is EXBIO possible to digest fish bones and chicken bones or others?

Yes. EXBIO is able to decomposes fish bones and chicken bones in 24 hours. Also, it can decompose fruit flesh, pine apple, egg shell, nuts, etc. 

▶Do the EX- series smell?

No. EXBIO is designed with mechanical door sealing so that there is no concern for leakage. And EXBIO has deodorization systems as well as automatic water / flush system. Furthermore, our microorganisms have their own fragrances so it can catch odor.
In addition to this, the decomposition is to accelerate natural process so that there is no smell or odor.
For example, the fallen leaves from the trees decompose in nature. This process doesn’t smell. The same process is used in EXBIO. EXBIO just accelerates this course.