Not just for success in the 21st century, but for survival. Stomachs of Steel We provide eight models of ExBio biodigesters with varying capacities. Available in Land and Marine Versions

Be there when Switzerland and the world actively participate in environmental protection.


Effective disposal of Food and Green waste.

Eliminated disease problems and

Health risks.

Reduce your carbon footprint

and the

reduction of CO2 emissions

from the Landfill.


With grease trap


How does a grease trap work?

Grease separators work purely physically according to the principle of gravity. Heavy ingredients sink to the bottom, light ingredients such as oils and fats rise. The treated wastewater is fed into the sewerage system via the drainage nozzle.


The Ex Series Digester has a number of amazing benefits
  • Save considerable money, time and labour in disposing of waste food.
  • Safer and more hygienic working conditions .
  • No solid waste to deal with.
  • Reduce methane and CO2 emissions from landfills
  • A way to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Become self-sufficient in your food waste disposals
  • The Machine can be easily installed due to its compact structure
  • The Machine is capable of blocking bad odor
  • Easy to Maintain at a low cost
  • Fully-Automatic Discharging System
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 3 year warranty

Our result:

If from organic waste - CO2 free water and Energie remains,

then you have done everything right with ExBio


A microscopic analysis of the surface shows numerous pores
that offer a favorable environment for microorganisms.

Principle of food waste decomposition

Step 1

Disperse fat and grease


Step 2

Each dispersed molecule gets divided and forms fatty acids and triglycerides

Step 3

Dispersed into fatty acids and triglycerides

Step 4

Bond between hydrogen and carbon molecules within the separated fatty acids and triglycerides is severed

Step 5

Transformed into carbon dioxide and water through a TCA metabolism process

Experience the effectiveness of the ExBio machines using
the example of the Model Ex-100

We would be happy to advise you on the different machine sizes
so that your individual solution can be found.