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Environmental issues including food waste disposal are important matters countries around the world take seriously. The growing attention to the environmental issues has led to ‘the system to prohibit burying food waste directly in the ground and designate businesses mandatory to reduce food waste’ in Korea, and the cap-and-trade system in place across the world.

ExBio has practiced corporate social responsibility by conducting research, developing and commercializing eco-friendly food waste disposers, and makes continuous technological progress which serves as the foundation of the company’s achievements.

In addition, we develop various products to meet wide ranges of needs of customers to dispose of food waste. ExBio’s product family offers disposers not only to households, but also middle- and large business establishments and even plants to cover various needs of all customers

ExBio is exporting products to about 20 countries beginning from the US to Japan, Switzerland and China, and Canada. Moreover, the company is not complacent with the best quality we have achieved but continues to develop a food waste disposer equipped with complex intelligence and will keep solidifying our leadership in global technology based on this effort.

Today, the task of protecting the environment has come to a point where it cannot be resolved only by the government policies.
ExBio is looking for a solution by meeting the complementary needs of customers. Our food waste disposers give opportunities to take part in environmental protection to consumers who pursue economic profits, and to gain economic benefits to consumers who take part in environmental protection.

ExBio is committed to becoming a leading company to create an eco-friendly future environment under the mission of being creative, exploring and building trust.


With grease trap

fettabscheider-grafik1jpgBenefits The Ex Series Digester has a number of amazing benefits
  • Save considerable money, time and labour in disposing of waste food.
  • Safer and more hygienic working conditions .
  • No solid waste to deal with.
  • Reduce methane and CO2 emissions from landfills
  • A way to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Become self-sufficient in your food waste disposals
  • The Machine can be easily installed due to its compact structure
  • The Machine is capable of blocking bad odor
  • Easy to Maintain at a low cost
  • Fully-Automatic Discharging System
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 3 year warranty

Our result:

If from organic waste - CO2 free water and Energie remains,

then you have done everything right with ExBio


A microscopic analysis of the surface shows numerous pores
that offer a favorable environment for microorganisms.

Principle of food waste decomposition

Step 1

Disperse fat and grease


Step 2

Each dispersed molecule gets divided and forms fatty acids and triglycerides

Step 3

Dispersed into fatty acids and triglycerides

Step 4

Bond between hydrogen and carbon molecules within the separated fatty acids and triglycerides is severed

Step 5

Transformed into carbon dioxide and water through a TCA metabolism process

Experience the effectiveness of the ExBio machines using
the example of the Model Ex-100

We would be happy to advise you on the different machine sizes
so that your individual solution can be found.